JMLS ARP 1601 Sequencer

A faithful recreation of the original Arp 1601 Analog Sequencer in DIY form. This is a finished project and we have no open runs as of yet. We will inform through this website if there is another run of these. This is a PCB/Panel (including switch caps and hard to…


Logan Soloman Synth research is busy redesigning and rebuilding the modules that were used in the ARP2500. The modules will become available as DIY and as full kits through our distributors and resellers. We will start a crowdfunding campaign so everyone can have one. Right now the status is that…

Polyfusion – General Information

There’s lots of exciting things happening behind the scenes, and we will release more information when the time is right. One of them is that Logan Soloman Synth Research is the only authorized distributor of Polyfusion products and will bring the Polyfusion Series 2000 modular system to the DIY community….

JMLS 208/Easel FAQ

We have seen many questions arise from the Facebook groups. Since it’s a little hard to manage all the questions through the facebook group we are building a FAQ here so check back from time to time. Is Pre-Order for the 208 still going on? Yes! We will update this…

JMLS 208/Easel

PRE-ORDER THREAD FOR Buchla/Easel 208 Synthesizer PRE-ORDER IS GETTING READY TO END!!!! We are done testing all of the daughter boards. ¬†After the mother board is tested we will move to ordering the boards and that will end the Pre Sale. Here is the thread to PRE-ORDER the 208 PCBs….